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Ichi the Killer? is this in any relation to Ginji the Slasher?
It's funny you ask that because there is one strange connection.

The main star of Ginji the slasher was always rumored to play Kakihara, Tadonobu Asano won out in the last stages of pre production. The main Riki Takeuchi star has also acted in countless Miike films including Fudoh: The Next generation, Yakuza Demon, Deadly outlaw:Rekka & my personal favourite Dead or alive (in my opinion best opening credits of all time).

Apart from that though, there aren't any other major similarities between the two films, though they are both fantastic in their own way. Where ichi stood as a ultra-violent black comedy, Ginji is a somewhat humble and character driven war film.

I always thought this was a case of making a terrible sequel without giving up any copyrites, but I was very wrong.

Damn, Thats why it's always good to check your grammar before you post things...

" The main Riki Takeuchi star"



Ichi the Killer! Hot damn! you are my new favourite critic for suggesting that film!

Ha! Cheers!