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A word from your listenership in Southern England.

Just streamed the first ep at my Southampton flat. Great start, fellas. You came off far more professional than my memories of community radio back in rAdelaide with three d fm.

I've only seen Oldboy once. I thought it was good, but I will never watch it again. There are some types of relationships I don't need to force myself to watch again.

I haven't seen the twilight movie, but I am interested in morman cinema. Is it as good as the morman movie John Safran made...


Keep up the good work, fellas. Looking forward to your insightful discussions next week...


Cheers, Oldboy really is one of those films that pains you to watch for a second time. I think that's why I love it.
Thanks for listening Moods! Glad you like the show. Yes, Mormon cinema is where it's at the moment; however, I'm not entirely sure I know what 'it' is anymore, as what I thought was 'it' has changed. Now what 'it' is scares and confuses me.

The pay-off for me in Old-Boy didn't warrant the lead-character's reaction, nor was the Machiavellian plot justified in the film's climax. The film was shot beautifully however, with a great fight scene, good-old fashioned mystery (why was he locked up for 15 years?) and a fantastic reveal showing what had happened to the protagonist’s daughter in the ensuing time that he was imprisoned.