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Hey guys, First, I think you guys make a great team, and I love listening to you guys. I got to say though I loved Dr. Strange, but thats because I am a HUGE comic book nerd. I would love to talk to you about that more Luke when i see you next. I will say that I feel that Ms. McAdamas and others were under used, but as soon as i heard Mordo I knew that its was 2 origin stories. I felt thought unlike Tony Stark, who was very cocky in the end that Dr. Strange had learnt to be a good human being, and he did find another way with out violence. The old comic books thoughts from the 60's - 70's are super tripy. Also so many Film Festivals! What a great time to live in Canberra. Thanks again, both of you Luke McWilliams and Marisa Martin!
Thanks for your comment Aj! Sometimes its like speaking into a void! I had no idea about Doctor Strange but-for his origin story from the original comic-books which is very reminiscent of The Shadow and Batman who, admittedly, probably adopted facets of it retrospectively. I'm now going through the 2015 comic-book run to get more of a gist on the character: he seems more like a supernatural Doctor in this run; inter-dimensional bacteria and the like! I just like my hero movies to have the hero tested so that they have their hero moment i.e. when they stand up and claim the well-fought-for mantle. In terms of film-festivals, we have more to come! German and Greek and more before the end of the year! Sheesh!