Join Luke McWilliams as he interviews Mr Rolf de Heer, the writer producer and director of the new to cinema Australian dark comedy release, The King is Dead, and one of the movie's many leads, Mr Gary Waddell (The Proposition, Killing Time, Chopper).

6 August 2010 - Inception, The Edge of Darkness and Gummo plus interviews with Canberra documentary producers Lara Van Raay and Brendan Walsh

Join Luke McWilliams, Liam Jennings, Steven Robert and Felix Barbalet as they review

  • Inception
  • The Edge of Darkness
  • Gummo

Plus interviews with Canberra producers Lara van Raay on her documentary titled "Palestine, Beer and Oktoberfest: Under Occupation" and Brendan Walsh on his documentary titled "Moresby Modern"