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Milo & Otis? FTW
I am a little curious, I am a regular listener of the Movie Club (my Saturday morning tea and breakfast listening). I am not a resident of Canberra but still I listen to these podcasts every week. I always see thousands of hits on your reviews and that is more than any community radio show I've ever heard of.
Who are these listeners? what movies do you want to see reviewed?
This is a fantastic show and would love to see more activity on these posts. Voice your opinions!

For me, I love the diversity of the show! with this episode featuring the atrocious "Morning Glory" followed by a Mike Leigh film and then scaring the hell out of us with that Martyrs sound bite. I love tuning in because we get such a broad range of film reccommendations in one sitting. Though Liams films can be a little extreme (like this weeks...) I am sure there are listeners out there who tune in exclusively for them.

You guys should be hired to do a movie equivilent of the "first tuesday book club"

Any thoughts??

ps: any photos of the crew?

Hi Toni,

Thanks for your feedback, glad you like the show. How did you come across it?

You'll be happy to hear that Liam emphatically out of extreme territory on the next show.


I am actually from New Zealand and I listen in from Uni. My friends and I have created a little faux Movie club were we sit down each week and brave Liams films!
I say bring on the crazy cult films! there is an extremity to the films but also an element of genius to them, which is a huge eye opener (being unfamiliar to 99% of them).

I've also tried to find you guys on Facebook but no luck.

Hi Toni and James,

it is great to hear that you are both enjoying the Movie Club!

Toni, your enthusiasm is admirable. Yes - the show is a platform for local Canberrans to get involved and excited by movies and film-making; the club actually being our listeners. It is fantastic that we are reaching well outside our expected realms!

That being said, James it is terrifying to know that Liam's influence has spread to beautiful Middle-earth! The genie is now out of the bottle and there is little chance of ever closing the lid. I don't have the stomach for most of Liam's choices but it is great to hear that you have set up a club!

Continue giving us comments on any movies that you recommend us having a look at, and what you think of movies that we have reviewed. Also, give us a 'like' on our face-book page where you can get updates on our reviews, news and interviews:


Can someone review Scott Pilgrim? It's been available on deeveedee for ages now!

I love the show, my boyfriend downloads all the films and we watch them of a Friday evening. Some, not the best date movies but I get brownie points from knowing them from all his friends!!

Hi Shani,

we actually did a Michael Cera love-in a while back, having a look at Youth in Revolt and Scott Pilgrim. Have a look at the reviews and hear the pod-cast on page 7!

Tell us what you think:


Can you boys review Ken Park?
I adore my share of filth but I feel Ken Park is pushing it a little( in terms of our time slot).
It's banned in Australia, so I don't want to pull a Margaret Pomeranz...
But, maybe I will do a Harmony Korine special once Trash Humpers comes out and give it a special little mention ;)
Just wanted to say to Liam that you got me through first year! Brill!
Keep those films rollin!