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Great show! Is it a touring festival? It's about time the Wilhelm scream was explained to me
What's the Pulp flicktion for next week? also, the David Stratton bit was hilarious.
We might not have time next week Liam!

Be intersted to hear suggestions - how about the '2001: A Space Oddity' bone edit and its myriad of copies, or a look at (in)famous psuedonyms in film credits.

Luke also suggested the "Can you walk out of a movie in the first 15 minutes and get a refund" myth. This seems more like a cinema chain customer sevice policy issue to me.

Continuing the sound bite thing, I'd like to know where the "Da duh DUUUUUH" suspense orchestra hit comes from. Though I realise you might not be able to 'hear' that ditty through text.

I'd also like to unpack the mystery of who the all these people are that post a comment on the site never to appear again!