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Great episode!
If you are the cult movie guru, why didn't you mention Vampire in Venice?
First of all, Vampire in Venice was not mentioned because I feel there is no reason for it, not only for the purpose of this review but in general. Vampire in Venice was an absolute cash in, the only thing linking the two films is that this faux sequel scored Kinski in the lead. Kinski was only in it for the money, and it shows in his performance. He didn’t even bother with make-up or even a bald cap…
There is no need to ever mention this film again. There is a reason why it’s never been released on dvd.
It was a very very very bad film, I have not catched it yet, havent even seen nosferatu.

Have you seen Requiem for a dream? it is pretty underground, might be right up your alley.

Yeah man, I am a big fan of Hubert Selby jnr. If you enjoyed Requiem for a dream I would strongly suggest picking up the novel 'Last Exit to Brooklyn'.
Even though it's very depressing stuff, it's what you would expect coming from an author that was dying of Tuberculosis his entire life.
You have said that you have watched many films, if I write list of motion pictures I have seen, can you respond with comment?
message for Liam Jennings
Umm, maybe, but there can't be any connection to Kevin Bacon.
Hi Jacob,

what did you think of the other movies that we reviewed on this episode of the show; ie - Scott Pilgrim and Youth in Revolt?

I have not seen them yet Luke.


I told you, post up something completely unrelated to Kevin Bacon.